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  •  News reports at the time said 50% (3+ / 0-)

    I realize that news reports could have been slanted toward management position, but as a union leader it appeared to me that the members voted over 90% to go on strike, but then only about 50% observed the picket line.

    Is there any way we can ever establish authoritatively how many people were out at the end of 48 hours?

    •  Approximately 11,500 controllers (1+ / 0-)
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      were fired and blackballed from government service. That was approximately 90% of the workforce.

      Based on my memory, there were less than 100 who successfully appealed to get their jobs back, eventually, after extensive and expensive individual court fights.

      There was a tremendous amount of misinformation floating around. Very little of our message got anywhere.

      We never were able to put any kind of a picket line into place. Quite a few leaders were arrested and imprisoned. People on the picket lines at airports were escorted off airline property.

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