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View Diary: DHS Acknowledges that U.S. Immigration Policy Needs to Spark Economy and Attract Entrepreneurs (4 comments)

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    we continue to admit immigrants legally who are, on average, much less well educated than native-born Americans, so they simply compete for jobs with the poorest Americans. We are also still getting 300,000 illegal immigrants a year, who have the same effect.

    And the notion that we should be upset every time the citizens of poor countries create jobs and further economic progress in their countries is obscene. If the Chinese and Indians produce innovations we can license and use them to make our country better, just as everyone else does. Finland and South Korea don't compete by issuing more patents than anybody else, or by trying to import every foreigner with a college degree. They do it by educating their own people to a high standard. That is the key to technological excellence.

    Part of the reason American kids don't go into technical fields is that they know they will have to compete with a horde of foreign grad students who are granted work visas when they graduate.

    Immigrants are currently 15% of the workforce. The percentage was probably higher than that when almost all the Fortune 500 companies were founded. That 18% were founded by immigrants just says that immigrants are just like everybody else, not systematically better.

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