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  •  My next-door neighbor is a bit of a (2+ / 0-)
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    Pinko Elephant, Neon Mama

    Tea drinker.  She is also my next-door neighbor.  I tutor her kid sometimes.  Her husband snowblows my driveway a couple of times a year.  When we talk over the back fence, and she tells me that, say, Social Security needs to be privatized, I might say something like, "Yeah, maybe, but I worry about what would happen if we had another crash.  Just before someone wanted to retire."  And then she will say, "Yeah, maybe we'd have to have a way to prevent that."  And we go from there.  It seems like a conversation that has merit and will continue for quite awhile. Unlike the one where I'd say, "What are you? Fuckin' nuts? Jeez, this town sure has a lot if morons running around."

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