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  •  Help me out here ... (0+ / 0-)

    First, what "questions" did I pose?  I thought I made a very simple statement of my opinion:  "You can't reason a bully out of bullying; you must make bullying more dangerous to the bully than to the victim."  Putting it another way: "MLK didn't defang the Klan -- J. Edgar Hoover did. "

    Second ... this is a long thread.  Assuming that what some "lit crit" people have to say about literature

      (and I agree that History is a form of literature for authors too unimaginative to devise plots or create characters)  

    has to do with how finding the magic formula of sweet words and gentle actions that will make Republicans see reason and raise Revenues ...  

    At least ... if "cut and paste"  is too much trouble, at least give me a clue WHERE "downthread"  nis o has made his or her conribution.

    •  Ooops ... sorry 39 posts ISN'T a long thread (0+ / 0-)

      I can check that.

      •  So ... if only 1-on-1 "conversations" settled (0+ / 0-)

        anything ...  what a wonderful world it would be.

        Sure ... when I was 17, I once talked a contemporary out of the racism she inherited from her parents by taking her to a Pete Seeger concert.  

        (Music hath charms, and Pete Seeger believed his music changed hearts and minds.)  

        However singing didn't change hearts and minds in Beacon NY where the local citizens stoned Seeger's concerts -- or in the South where eventually it took a couple of Supreme Court decisions, a hard headed arm-twisting President, plus the National Guard and the FBI,  to make real  some of what the Folksingers were singing about.

        And of course, there was also a century of political agitation and struggle by "Quakers and Communists" as well as the Black churches and "Negro Advancement" organizations.

        And much later, my landlord succeeded in convincing me that the Hitler Youth  in which he had served.  was simply the German equivalent of the English Boy Scouts -- same neckerchief slide and all.   And while I came away WANTING to believe that I had met a "good Nazi"  nothing had changed about my understanding of National Socialism ...  or that made me want to send money to one of the modern American manifestations.

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