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View Diary: Update #3 - WI Dems have filed complaints against Alberta Darling alleging multiple felonies. (201 comments)

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    So I reviewed the complaint.  According to my read it is basically alleging that Darling did not comply with a "request for open records" asking for her emails sent to these conservative PACs in a timely fashion.  She ignored all of these requests.  Now, it is a felony if it's found she violated the request, but given the timeframes and volume of emails, she can stall for more time (read:  shred more evidence).  I don't believe it will rise to a level of a felony.

    I think the bigger question here is the collusion issue.  What exactly did she do to collude with the conservative PACs and suppress votes?  That's a much more serious issue.

    It's good Dem strategy to make her look really bad with these complaints and fling the word "felony" around, but unless she did some serious collusion that's found in the emails (which may be true given the Wisconsin Dem Party pursuing this), it just makes her look bad.  Which is a great end in and of itself.  Hope there's more meat here though; couldn't happen to a nicer lady.

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