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View Diary: Cannabanoid Receptor Researcher Plagiarizes Himself; Withdraws Paper. (21 comments)

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  •  Well Bob, there may be a positive feedback loop (2+ / 0-)
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    esquimaux, Bob Love

    here, since they are lipid seeking molecules.

    This reminds me of the stale joke.    

    Jerry Garcia dies and goes into the afterlife.    First thing he sees is the band setting up.    Jimi Hendrix is tuning his stratocaster, Janis Joplin is trying out some notes of harmony with Jim Morrison, John Bonham is firing off some drum riffs while John Entwhistle is trying to get in tune.

    John Lennon and Brian Jones are messing around with some kind of dulcimer.

    Jerry is very excited and runs over to Lennon, just as he, Jim and Janis are stepping to the microphones.

    "Like cool," says Jerry to John, "I must be in Rock and Roll heaven!   Where's my axe."

    John pushes his glasses down and peers over the top of the rim.    "Who said anything about heaven?" he snaps.

    Just then Karen Carpenter comes from behind a curtain and says, "Alright guys, break's over!   From the top! 'Close to you,' take 9,233,377!"

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