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View Diary: Debt ceiling: congressional approval ratings now at an all-time low (69 comments)

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  •  Yes, we lost the House badly remember? (0+ / 0-)

    And yes, it matters if bad goes to worse b/c its a judgment by the electorate that the change they just made was a mistake.  Given the relatively stable and high (considering economic conditions) # for BO, and the polzrization of the electorate, it suggests it not a judgment that the 2010 change did not go far enough (i.e. for Thug government or even against BO).  The fact that Congressional Ds have higher #s suggests that Ds can win if BO wins.

    Of course, this is all tealeaf reading and IMO.  But, the pt is these #s look more bad for Thugs, right now at least, than for Ds, especially considering the turnout for 2012 will almost certainnly be much higher than '10 (20% high pro'ly, if not around 25-30% higher, i.e., a turnout of 50-55ish %).

    But, I researve the right to change my opinion even as to these #s, if they are rebutted by reliable district by district polling, since given jerrymandering large drops in approval for Thugs wouldn't matter nearly as much  in Thug heavy districts (the same for Ds to in their's). I assume these #s are more or less across the board and hence reflect the landscape in th 70-100 swing and potential swing CDs (Thugs won 60 or so of them in '10).

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