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View Diary: Massive Protests Rocking Israel as Over 300,000 (4% Population) Angrily March | Analysis & LiveBlog (231 comments)

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  •  NYT Article on the protests this morning. (15+ / 0-)

    The article is "Protesters Yearn For an Israel that Does More To Help Its People.", p. A7, by Ethan Bronner. Here.

    Please note the following which appeared at the end of the article

    Martin Sherman, a right-wing columnist for The Jerusalem Post, argued on Friday that the easy way to solve Israel’s housing crisis was to build more West Bank settlements because the settlement construction freeze last year caused the crisis.

    The protesters tend to argue the opposite: the investment in West Bank settlements has reduced building in Israel proper and a shift is needed. That view, Mr. Sherman argued, exposed the movement’s real nature. “Genuine nonpolitical social protest?” he concluded. “Give me a break!”

    I haven't seen in the Israeli papers anything about the protester response, but I do see the interesting videos in the diary. It does seem the IP issue is not forgotten,but the protesters are putting their own mark on it.

    We do tend to forget here that there was apparently a shift from more socialist and community thinking politics and policies in Israel beginning in the eighties with a financial crisis, to the kind of private enterprise notion as an economic savior which has now produced the predictable financial oligarchs and the like, doing what we think they usually do.

     This and the emotional spirit of Israel do in fact seriously conflict as these demonstrations show. Sort of like the America evidenced by the inscription on the Statute of Liberty in function but with an Israeli basis and root,  which is in conflict with conservative Republican thinking by Netanyahu and his.  I wish we could do this, but there are advantages to being a small nation, where everyone can go to a demonstraton without three days in the car to get there.

    •  My RW facebook contacts (0+ / 0-)

      are all out to delegitimize the protest leaders.

      But in any case, Israel is far more socialist today, even after decades of non-socialist rule, than any country in Europe. The reason the government is the target of protests is that the government owns or controls essentially all land in Israel.

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