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View Diary: Death of the American Dream is marked by the weakest social safety net & largest prison population (176 comments)

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  •  Hedges points the way (10+ / 0-)

    His analysis in his several books has been right-on all along (I have some quibbles with him over culture). We ignore him to our peril. His reasoning is sound and almost impeccable. His view is supported by any number of credible observers who, for the most part, you will never see in the MSM. Get this through your heads, and I've been saying it for at least a decade, everything and I mean everything you read or hear or see on the MSM is false even when it's factually true. The narrative, if you look at it analytically, is absolutely and totally insane--only no one seems to want to look at it--least of all the courtiers who staff these institutions--who sadly, actually believe the lies they tell--their salaries depend on it.

    Sadly reason and analysis seems to have passed away even in the intellectual classes in this country except when applied to narrow specialties or getting a computer network up and running--that sort of thing.

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