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View Diary: Death of the American Dream is marked by the weakest social safety net & largest prison population (176 comments)

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    ...If you're lucky thats all you are. You still go to jail for crimes, but its rare to be jailed for nothing, or harassed for nothing. You just dont get the free pass the first class citizens get.

    But it gets worse from there, we all know it. Below second class citizens are those who are imprisoned, of any race not sufficiently white or gender sufficiently male, non-christian, non-baptist, non-religious, homosexual, homeless, sick, impoverished...

    calling us the "Pariah Caste" is rather depressing but annoyingly true. I dont know how youd define all of those different classes; while all are oppressed in horrible ways, exactly what part IS oppressed is highly divergent. Some secreted away, some out in the open, all of which have horrifically eroding effects on society and individuals.

    It felt like rather a long time, but then long times get longer when you're standing around thinking about them. A curious thing, that. Long roads get longer too, if you're thinking about them, but what about long words? They don't change nearly as much

    by kamrom on Sat Aug 06, 2011 at 06:50:20 PM PDT

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