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    Wheat is not the problem. Heart disease, diabetes II, high BP, obesity, not wheat.

    Problem part 1. Starch
    Whether it comes from complex or simple carbs, it is all a polymer of glucose. It is directly converted to glucose in the intestines. That means it hits the blood stream as 100% unadulturated pure glucose. Further, this means an insulin response that first rushes glucose to the muscles that haven't been excercised enough so they learn to ignore it. Yet further, any fat with that glucose is immediately stored. No sense burning it when there's plenty of glucose. Any glucose left oer is also stored as fat.

    Problem part 2: habits and common foods. You want butter and sour cream on that baked potato? Butter on your toast? Sour cream on your bagel? You're kidding, you want a muffin? Every bit of fat mixed with that carbo bomb is destined for storage.

    Problem part 3: perception. You think fat is the problem? wrong again!!!!!!! The starch is the problem. Rice, beans, potatoes, bread and their products are what is making you fat, and sick. Protein and fat are good for you. Eat them! Eat them along with plenty of fresh veggies and fruits to get your fiber, vitamins and minerals.

    Problem part 4: You need plenty of protein too. Food inc. feeds your protein sources with the same grains that you eat too much of. This causes your meat sources to be overloaded with saturated fats and omega 6 fats. Eat lean meats and supplement with omega 3 fats.

    Ypu want more details? Piss me off with an argument.

    I'm 58 yo, still running marathons, still climbing 14teeners.

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