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View Diary: Pissed Off People Planning to Protest - Led Protest. Can It Work? (99 comments)

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    but I understand your reluctance--it's a long trip and it may not be worth it--nothing may come of it but another pointless gesture akin to the useless and virtually unreported anti-war demonstrations earlier in the decade.

    Look, the idea is to get a bunch of people out on the streets in front of the White House and see what happens. The "issues" are beside the point in my view. You have trouble with a broad-based demonstration--I had trouble with the fact it's focus is anti-war.

    I will tell you as plain as I can what the trouble with this country really stems from and that is the passivity and lack of organization and community from the left. This is about a bit of revival on the left. We should be focused on doing our job which is to represent, frankly, what is left of western civilization in this country. For all our intellectual faults we are what stands between the sheer barbarism of the right who want to create a Taliban regime here and the values of reason, science and creativity.

    How we should be doing that is to build community, to learn to work with others towards common goals, The vagueness of the organization is in tune with the vagueness of the left in this country. People know there something wrong, Obama is not the One, and what next? What next is to build alternative structures because the current one is looking very much like a green light for predators to feed on us. That's the situation we face. We need to build new institutions that sustain us--not sustain us. If the right-wingers want to live under the domination of corporate oligarchs in a neo-feudal world, let them be now lets create our free cities and build a better society for those of us who are not the this eras version of wild-eyed Christian fanatics who burned the Library of Alexandria towards the end of the Roman Empire.

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