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View Diary: The Crisis in American Leadership (Part One) (46 comments)

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    I wonder if the lack of leadership relates to the behind-the-scenes money that makes Congress afraid to lead.   The capture and corruption of the government.  That most of them are millionaires and distant from the people.  The corporate media and FOX who spin everything.  The massive ignorance and lack of morals and ethics in the comments sections of most blogs and newspapers.  In the NYT's today Drew Westin in "What Happened to Obama?" (sorry-don't know how to link) writes that Obama is of a generation who never experienced the civil rights movement.  He never fought for the values my generation cared about.  My children are close to Obama's age.  They are the "low information" voter who wonders why we can't get along.  I'm frantic for their future given the events of last week and the weakness I see around me, but I can't say much to them or I might not get invited to Thanksgiving dinner.

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      You can come to my Thanksgiving. I have the reverse situation, my MIL is a faux adherent and quite obnoxious about it. I avoid her like the plaque because she will instigate fights with my husband whom she knows isn't ever going to agree with her. I like her otherwise, but politically she's braindead.

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