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View Diary: FALL OF THE HOUSE OF MURDOCH XVI: BREAKING: DOJ looking at RICO Statutes (151 comments)

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  •  I'm sorry for all of us (4+ / 0-)

    I just hope governments get the message. Austerity - selling our kids and young people's lives - to satisfy billionaire bond holders, is just ruining the future. A massive transfer of cash from ordinary people to the super rich thanks to the bailouts. No, no, no. People are hurting. I condemn rioting and looting, but I know from my own kids that they despair of their future

    And Murdoch was a key part of this neoliberal Reagan Thatcher revolution.

    His going is crucial. And hopefully just part of a trend.

    "It is only for the sake of those without hope that hope is given to us." Walter Benjamin. More sane debate on the Moose

    by Brit on Mon Aug 08, 2011 at 04:47:30 PM PDT

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