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  •  listen I agree that the fault lies with (1+ / 0-)
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    the tea partiers. He did specify the Republicans in some speeches as the group that is at fault. It is implicit in much of what he said. I regret where an implied both parties (and sometimes unfortunately explict) are at fault could reasonably be inferred .

    While I disagree with the premise that both parties are at fault and wish that he had not said that, it was probably motivated by political concerns and a belief that in our current political situation, reducing our costs wtih Medicare will be necessary if we wish to reduce our structural deficits / debts . This does not sit well with many people, esp Democratic voters like me. However, failure to control our debt and deficits may result grade by Fitch and by Moody's. A combined downgrade would be very bad. It is likely that there will be only limited tax revenue increases, if any, that will emerge out of the SuperCommittee. This makes the deficit / debt issue more acute, presuming we wish to avoid a downgrade by the other ratings agencies

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