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View Diary: I Planted a Recession Garden for the Veggies, it Fed my Soul Instead (159 comments)

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  •  I am constantly pushing Square Foot Gardens (6+ / 0-)

    You can Google it.  Because the "rows" are basically folded into squares, it takes up much less space than traditional row gardens.  Once the beds are established, it is easier to tend (you never walk on or compress the soil).  Weeding is reduced because the plants are spaced to where their foliage shades out the weeds.  You use less water, and the water can be directed at where the plants actually live instead of just creating soggy pathways between rows.  Same with nutrients.  Also, the raised bed frames can support cold frames and structures to support vines, etc.

    And, it just looks neat.

    I didn't put a garden in this year because life got in the way.  It's been 100+ deg. and little rain for the last 40 days or so and all my friend's gardens are producing zilch.  Next year, baby (or a fall garden)!

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