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  •  Move Efficiencies to Side of Worker (4+ / 0-)

    Businesses have been continuing to try to shift training costs onto the worker (by preferring to poach trained people instead of creating entry level jobs).  Businesses have also been continuing to insist that people invest a lot of time, money, and work in job interviews (cover letters, separate tailored resume for each employer web site, pro resume polishing and interview skills, dry cleaned suits, travel to 2-3 interviews,  thank you notes and follow-up communiques. Yet for all this work, the chance of getting each job you "invest" in goes down and down.

    No one blames businesses for increasing efficiency on their side by building up job databases, making false postings to build up reserve candidates, or exploiting social networking to crowd-source human resources. I can't remember the last time a recruiter contacted me to ask about my skills instead of trying to shake me down for all my friends.

    All of the above assumes the worker comes hat-in-hand to the employer, and they are lucky to be given a job. I believe our whole national mentality should change to realize employment is an equal exchange of labor/production/service for pay.

    Then we should enact on that mentality by shifting efficiencies to the worker. Get businesses to buy into centralized job boards and encourage them to post their entry level jobs. Create incentives for hiring the unemployed - especially the long term unemployed - and create penalties for poaching (to pressure businesses to start training their own again). Discourage business from writing over-specialized job descriptions. Deal with eht ensuing deluge of qualified applicants by lowering screening barriers.

    Seriously, most people can do most jobs. And respect for difference and diversity begins with realizing that everyone is a good fit AND a bad fit in their own ways, and at different times. It's the organization that needs to learn to accommodate people. The current hiring manager/human resources approach is just about exercising gatekeeper status, and it's the first opportunity for bias and prejudice to play out.

    Let's just drop those barriers. Redeploy human resources to resolving internal matters. Hire people in bulk, on a rolling basis. Businesses are already doing this when they outsource or use temp agencies to do their screening. They really don't have to go through a three month vetting process for every single candidate.

    Moreover, the last two decades of "team-based" organization have made it very difficult for people to deal with the individualistic job market. How to convince an employer you're special when you were trained to blend into the crowd - without taking credit or going off to fly your own kite. If businesses want to deal with people as "teams" shouldn't that carry over to the employment process as well? Maybe job seekers can be grouped according to very broad skill categories, or according to weeks unemployed - and business can agree to hire in lots. Let the "superstars" emerge later in their careers.

    Perhaps this reduction of control in who gets to work where seems shocking, but the controls that are being exercised now are very costly - especially on the side of the worker - and mostly unnecessary. If the Obama administration can do anything to move the efficiencies to the side of the worker, I believe it will make a vast difference in the employment landscape.

    Ps. Oh - and stop giving corporate welfare. It doesn't trickle down, and without it corporations will be forced to hire people to make money for them.

    Le nirvane n'existe pas. - Etienne Lamotte

    by breakingranks on Tue Aug 09, 2011 at 05:18:11 PM PDT

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