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View Diary: Wisconsin wrap up, a real victory, and we fight on (323 comments)

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  •  I'm not sure Pyrrhus would agree w/ you... (2+ / 0-)
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    Normally, I agree with Kos' analysis even if I diagree with his opinion. He has an excellent understanding of political strategy. But even allowing for a leader's desire to pump up the troops, I think one part of his interpretation of what happened last night is so flawed as to be dangerous to the progressive cause if it is believed...

    That is the part where he says if they do as well in 2012, they will take control of the House. Don't buy it. Democrats had a good night, but not a great one. And it will take a great night to take the House.

    They needed three seats. They got two. To me that's like needing 24 seats to take the House and only getting 16. Normally, 16 pick ups is excellent, just like organizing a recall and getting two seats is excellent- normally. But these are not normal times. For both sides, this is a fight for survival. Literally, a fight for the survival of their version of America.

    It is also a fight against the establishment of both parties. The recall was a vitally important statement, regardless of how one feels about Gov. Walker's laws, because it is absolutely necessary that individual citizens take aggressive control of their own destinies, instead of sleepwalking through history and hoping some career politician will take care of it all for them.

    In that sense even getting the recall off the ground was a bit of a triumph. But it was not a win for progressives. Or as Pyrrhus said after his army was decimated defeating a Roman legion: "Another victory like that and I'm done for!"

    PS- I would also describe the six seats as two R and four swing, rather than six R, which is how Kos and most progressives have been describing them, but obviously, that's just my opinion.

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