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View Diary: Wisconsin wrap up, a real victory, and we fight on (323 comments)

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    Because I want some.  Sorry gang, but this is a big loss.  You've got to be realistic.The Republicans still own Wisconsin and now with redistricting probably will for the next ten years.  This was an all or nothing proposition and we got nothing.  Remember, George W. Bush was never elected President in the first place, but he governed as if he had some huge mandate.  Trust me, the Republicans in Wisconsin will be emboldened by last night's results.  Now the shit is really going to hit the fan.  They've already passed a lot of bad legislation, but wait until you see what they do now.  Republicans don't use power judiciously, like Democrats tend to do.  They use power to the fullest, even with the slimmest of margins.  Sorry to rain on your parade.

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