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  •  There would be many benefits that would (0+ / 0-)

    accrue from the enactment of such a program, including improved family life and health gains.  Having single parents and two-parent partners working endlessly, to the point of exhaustion, tears away at the fabric of family life more than any of the sins cited by the RW.  Sadly, the same RW would block this idea as being too anti-business, too European, too socialistic, too...  You get the picture.  But we are paying the price for gobbling up all the time out of people's lives.  Just look around.

    The young single mother next door is a nurse with two young children.  She is bone-weary at the end of her long shifts.  While relatives help with child care, the mom pays enormous day care fees.  My husband and I have become the de facto care providers for these children at odd hours because the mother is plain used up.  Others at this site are seeing and doing the same, I'm sure.  Oh, that a 10% reduction in the work week could actually happen during this time when most are begging for work.

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