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View Diary: WI: It's NOT 2/6; it's 3/7 with 2 to go. (165 comments)

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    Sounds like the same rationalization that begged our acceptance of a useless HC bill or a useless FR bill.

    Winning or losing a bought election into  bought system can't possibly be a win for democracy -

    because, like Dems accepting the myths of: entitlements being in any way "on-Budget," or that: "we need cuts, not revenue;" we're still accepting the myth, that a bought system, ISN'T !

    If you want to win our system back from the corporations that own it, you can't do that  "Within" THEIR  system.

    And you don't do it by attacking anything within that system. Like a weed that's completely taken over, you attack its ROOT - the Corporations who are its real -and only- substance. And ALL of them.

    When a system gets this bad you have to cut it loose and stop holding on to PARTS of it, because that's just a handle they use to manipulate you toward your level of pacification and denial (spun as
    "hope," "patriotism," or "belief in the system" on the positive side, and fear/poverty/wage slavery/racism on the negative side.)

    For one thing, there are millions of greedy, corruptible, sociopathic aspiring Kathy Nicolauses and Kathleen Harrises out there, just itching for cash and their 15 minutes of "no such thing as bad" publicity. This is part of the political corporatist's version of The Meritocracy Myth, and not EVEN the darkest part.

    A better vote against such odds would be to organise MEANINGFULLY WIDSPREAD education -and ACTION- on things like  Koch Industries, Farmers (anti-) Monsanto,  or (petty investor.gambler) "investment fund" participation BOYCOTTS (on the mild side...)

    Or  - pay attention to history and the rest of the world's current events and see how real patriots fight oppression.

    It's very hard to justify the position that we're NOT in a class war 50 years old. IMO it's time we admitted (and stopped ACCEPTING the loss of,) it.

    There is no loss without surrender (or obfuscation, diversion, and gulllible acceptance.)

    This is not anarchy. Anarchy is political, this problem is ECONOMIC.

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