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    Outside magazine, not outback.

    I could have phrased that paragraph better- I never meant to imply that Outside ran (or even recommended) a guide business. The magazine did further the image of extreme sports being cool and upper crust, though. (that's a personal opinion only, gotten from the number and frequency of ads for luxury goods.)

    They didn't send Beck Withers up, of course, but they were part of what made the idea look very attractive to him. Bragging rights get more important when someone who is very rich runs with other rich guys.

    I totally agree about Krakauer. His book, I think, did a lot to remove the keep-up-with-the-Joneses fashionable aspect to mountaineering. He also portrayed what huge damage had been done to the Everest environment over the years. Up there, it's like a frozen desert- nothing ever degrades quickly, if ever. I think his book was partly responsible for the cleanup efforts that have become a part of the more recent ascents.

    I don't have a big problem with the guides, really... they were just cashing in  on the demand. A lot of pro mountaineers never make any kind of steady income.

    I know ranchers who converted their places from raising cattle in the 90's to fenced elk ranches. The elk were there simply as sitting duck targets for guys who would pay $7500 to shoot a trapped elk, rather than going through all the fuss and bother of spending the same for a guided hunt with no sure return of a stuffed head to hang on their wall. As often as not, the ranch owner actually killed the elk.

    Living in the heart of the Rockies is always tempting to those who have never made a living there- the fact is, you can't eat the scenery. Farming and ranching are very chancy businesses.

    As a person, I found it disgusting, but as a partner in a ranch at a time when a good fat steer paid about $500, about $50 over the cost of raising it, I understood. Before the elk ranches were closed by laws, those ranchers were making enough money to be profitable. They simply didn't want to lose their way of life.

    The same attitude was displayed in other ways. During the big fires of 2000, firefighters spent as much time protecting the huge million-dollar trophy cabins as fighting the fires in Idaho and Montana. As a result, some of the fires grew too huge to put out, and just burned until the first snow came.

    It's different now, and thank God it is.

    Right many are called, and damn few are chosen.

    by Idaho07 on Fri Aug 12, 2011 at 06:08:08 PM PDT

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      REC clicker's busted.

      Angry White Males + Crooks + Personality Disorder psychos + KKKwannabes + "Unborn Child" church folk =EQ= The Republicans

      by vets74 on Sun Aug 14, 2011 at 02:39:51 PM PDT

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