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  •  "Riot is the voice of the Unheard.." (18+ / 0-)

    wherever they are at

    Amen to this

    And then he and Lanny Davis went all Sistah Souljah on us, and decided that all those fundamental problems he discussed were not as important as him showing White America he could be tough with Black folks, and their legitimate grievances all the abuse and etc?  Well ask the victims of the Danzigger Bridge, or Oscar Grant about that if you have the ability to commune with the dead.

    And RIP Latasha Harlins whose murder loomed as large as the King beating -- although via mainstream media -- who knew??

    Los Angeles was set ablaze in 1992 in large part to the acquittal of Rodney King, but also in delayed response to the 1991 killing of Latasha Harlins. 5 years of probation, $500 fine and 400 hours community service was the sentence handed down to Korean grocer Soon Ja Du for shooting her in the back and killing 15-year-old Latasha Harlins.

    Harlins caught a bullet in the back for allegedly stealing a bottle of orange juice.  The store video footage showed the unjustified murder in plain view, which led to Du’s conviction on the charges of voluntary manslaughter.

    Du was CONVICTED.

    Nevertheless, she never saw a day in jail for shooting an African-American 15-year old child in the back…caught on videotape.

    There was no national outrage and barely any Los Angeles mainstream media outrage for that matter. If we are going to honestly and truthfully enter into any discussion as to the inequities and inadequacies of the legal system; Latasha Harlins and Rodney King are far better points of comparison

    Thanks Adept

    •  Thanks for bringing Latasha Harlins into (11+ / 0-)

      this conversation, Sooth. Again, there was so much anger building up long before Rodney King even got in his car that evening.

      Because of Harlins' death, there was a focus initially on tensions between the Black and Korean communities. But, the looting spread well outside any majority Black neighborhoods, and most of the people looting were Latino.

      You have to get over the color green; you have to quit associating beauty with gardens and lawns; you have to get used to an inhuman scale; you have to understand geological time- Wallace Stegner

      by blindyone on Wed Aug 10, 2011 at 09:29:21 AM PDT

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