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View Diary: McCain feels heat from constituents over taxes (64 comments)

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    We little folks, especially if ya got out a long time ago, can take some satisfaction in what's going on, the koch brothers and their cronies are loosing one hell of allot more, and will continue to do so,  then if they let the taxes rise on them and be invested by the government into the economy which would have given more folks more money to spend and profits for business, with those like the brothers throwing even more money into the tea party, gone to never be seen again!!

    Now if they really played ronnynomics, instead of the con, and invested it in economic growth themselves, then some would actually be creating jobs by the 'job creators' the tepubs so embrace!!

    CCR:"If you're a torturer, be careful in your travel plans. It's a slow process for accountability, but we keep going."

    by jimstaro on Wed Aug 10, 2011 at 02:29:25 PM PDT

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