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View Diary: The problem with the Super Congress isn't the people, it's the purpose (96 comments)

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  •  They modeled this on the commission on military (13+ / 0-)

    base closures.  But base closures was such a hot topic, politically, that you could never get any base closed individually and a take it or leave it vote was the only way to close down the unneeded and underused military bases.

    Fixing our economy should not have the same excuse.  The closure of a military base would, and did, lead to economic havoc in some of the communities in which the bases were located.  No Congressman could vote to destroy his own community (we were so naive then, we actually believed this).  It seems that this difficulty should not stand in the way of fixing the economy.  There are a couple of opposing views as to how this should be done, and it would seem that they deserve a public hearing and full debate.

    The only reason I can think of that requires the establish a super congress is to deprive the American people of their right to representation and to silence debate and dissent.

    •  Well (5+ / 0-)

      look at what's become of representative Democracy, when the Tea Party is calling for the worst measures for the economy possible.  Perhaps representative Democracy doesn't work when "the people" are morons.  

      I'm not in great favor of this sort of dictatorship, but right now policy is being driven by people with no understanding of policy.

    •  The base closures were an exercise (2+ / 0-)
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      msmacgyver, NoMoreLies

      in transferring public assets into private wealth at a time when developers were running out of cheap, accessible farm lands to acquire.
      The only difference in the base closures is that the lands were, in many cases, contaminated with all sorts of toxins and hazardous materials from decades of haphazard disposal in the interest of "national defense." The military got a pass when it came to environmental clean-up.
      Base closures did enable some people to "clean up." The relatives of Judd Gregg, for example, were able to benefit from the transformation of the Strategic Air Command base at Pease in New Hampshire into the Pease International Tradeport, which mainly seems to handle the departure and arrival of troops for Iraq. The state of NH did get a "nature preserve" that's too contaminated to turn into anything else.

      by hannah on Thu Aug 11, 2011 at 06:16:05 AM PDT

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