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View Diary: Traditional media desperately searching for the 'middle' in Super Congress (58 comments)

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  •  The 'Reasonable' Pat Toomey (3+ / 0-)
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    The Villagers have a new definition of 'reasonable' and 'compromise' when it comes to taxes. And I might say defense cuts:

    Toomey: 'If we tackle tax policy, and I hope we will, the goal should be to broaden the base and lower rates so we can create an environment that’s more conducive to economic growth. That will also generate more revenue."

    'Broaden the base' is operationally defined as eliminating middle class deductions so as to be able to 'lower rates' which in practice means cutting corporate taxes and taxes paid by the upper 2%. And this message runs all through the Republican tax message from Ryan on, their fall back position is to stick it to the middle class to protect the plutocracy. For example the first Ryan Roadmap (the one that came out in the last Congress) proposed to keep revenues steady while eliminating all taxes on dividends, interest, capital gains, and corporate income. That is he proposed to zero out the only forms of taxation your typical billionaire even pays. How did he keep this revenue neutral? Well a combination of Magic Beans and Supply Side, but simple arithmetic shows you can only make up the massive loss from the top 2% out of the bottom 98%. And this would be true even if Supply Side worked, under the Ryan Roadmap the wealthy just take a larger slice of any gains from productivity, extract tax revenue from what is left over and then leave the actual crumbs for workers.

    As to the military Villagers were all giddy at the willingness of B-S to consider defense cuts. Except that 85% of their proposed package of savings came right out of the pockets of active and retired military in the form of pay cuts and cost shifting on health care, and none of the other 15% actually tapped the real big acquisitions programs beloved of the Generals Admirals and Defense Contractors. That is once again the Pentagon gets its toys, Boeing, Raytheon and General Dynamics continue to get their profits, while the rank and file (who are nothing more than the working class and middle class when all is said and done) get the shaft.

    Which is how the Grand Bargain is shaping up:
    Yes to revenue increases! (But only if top rates are lowered in the process and so sticking it to the middle class)
    Yes to defense cuts! (But only if we continue to buy a replacement fleet of Ford Class Carriers and 3500 F-35s. We can just 'painlessly' take it out of soldiers and sailors pockets).

    Which of course will get reduced to "Republicans agree to compromise on tax increases and defense cuts" by the Village. Well the Devil is in the Details, or maybe in that Satan Sandwich Rep Cleaver warned us about.

    Please visit, follow or join our Group: Social Security Defenders

    by Bruce Webb on Thu Aug 11, 2011 at 10:27:09 AM PDT

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