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View Diary: Richard Clarke alleges CIA Coverup in run-up to 9-11 (264 comments)

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    It has been long known that the CIA and FBI had major communication breakdowns in the weeks before 9/11 fueled by a mix of ineptness and a climate of interorganizational hostility.

    Clarke's "speculation" that the CIA may have been recruiting these soon-to-be-attackers as moles, while lacking evidence, is again something that is not hard to believe. I mean intelligence agencies do that sort of thing as a matter of course. It was just the timing of it all in this case that would make such a recruitment project (if it did happen) a political nightmare.

    But even if we fully embrace Clarke's speculation, it does not lead in any way to inferences about direct govt involvement in 911 (of either the LIHOP or MIHOP variety).

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