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    I was born in 1986, graduated high school in 1968.

    I took extra history classes in high school -- it was a good school, I was college bound.  

    Every history class I took ended their discussions with WWII and the immediate aftermath. It was like 1950 forward didn't happen.  

    I wasn't even in kindergarten when Watergate happened.  I was in diapers during the last years of Vietnam. My parents wanted me to do well in school but we didn't talk about events of the day at home.

    I learned a lot of this late, on my own or at college but it wasn't a cohesive view, it's been hit or miss.

    I think Vietnam was so ugly, that after it was over people just wanted to forget about it.  The 50s, things like McCarthyism -- ugly.  We got tired out. Then we got Reagan. Anybody in their 40s or younger -- we got formed during Reagan or after.

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