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View Diary: Palin joins Romney and Paul: You betcha corporations are people! (155 comments)

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  •  Methinks you are wrong. (6+ / 0-)

    For example, if a corporation is liable for tax it may be at a different rate than an individual who may have an ownership stake in the corporation.  It most certaintly is the corporation that pays the tax, if any is due after the corproation takes advantage of all the loopholes.

    And then, if there's any distribution to the owners of the corporation (e.g., shareholder dividends), then they get to pay tax on that income at the appropriate rate.  

    The problem is not the fact that corporation are treated as entities separate from individuals, it's the fact that the law has become so skewed through case decisions that these entities have as many rights (and in a practical sense, more rights and power) than human beings.  

    •  If the corporation (0+ / 0-)

      did not pay that tax, it would have more money. Since the corp is (partially) my property, then I would have more money.

      Whatever 'property' owns is really owned by the owner of that property. Fractionally in the case of shareholders.

      •  That's not the point. A corporation is a legal (0+ / 0-)

        entity; your house is property; a share in a company is property.  

        The entity, if it makes income, pays taxes.  

        Palin said a stupid thing.  Period.

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