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View Diary: Palin joins Romney and Paul: You betcha corporations are people! (155 comments)

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  •  The Legal Fictions That Are Killing Our Democracy (1+ / 0-)
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    Clem Yeobright

    You cannot "use" your house to do what You are prohibited from doing.

    This is the core of why the massive recent expansion of the legal fiction that "corporations are people" is underming both our democracy and our economy.

    Treating corporations as if they are people for political purposes, treating the actions  of a small group of people taken through that corporate tool as something seperate and distinct from the people who control those corporations through their ownership or control of this property, allows a manipulative and authoritarian elite to operate outside the law that applies to ordinary people who don't have access to these 'legal fictions'.

    The unnatural enlargment of this legal fiction exaggerates and amplifies the other 'fiction' that distorts and corrupts our politics that "cash" is the same as "free speech".  

    There are restrictions on that 'fiction' for flesh & blood people, campaign contribution restrictions that recognize that wealth disparity can cause a dangerous imbalance in the opportunity for "speech" that is harmful to our democratic system.  

    But these restrictions do not apply to the flesh & blood people who can funnel their cash through corporations or now use the money of others in corporate general account to amplify their "speech" to a point where they have effectively monopolized the marketplace of ideas.

    That they use this monopoly to procure political decisions (govt policies) that further their own financial interests at the expense of others and rob the market of its 'freedom' and use it to impose their own social beliefs is bad enough.  That they also use it to undermine to an even greater degree the free operation of our democracy is quite another.

    We have for years been willing to tolerate the former to a large degree and even the later to a lesser degree.

    But the blatancy, the total lack of either restraint or moderation that this is occuring now has crossed a line that cannot and should not be allowed.

    We either turn this movement back, stop the dangerous expansion of these 'legal fictions' or we accept the loss of freedom in both our market and our democracy.

    If poverty and despair are not justifications for lawlessness, why are wealth and greed?

    by Into The Woods on Fri Aug 12, 2011 at 02:50:12 PM PDT

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