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View Diary: Help design Rick Perry's campaign bus (170 comments)

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    In the destination board above the windshield, it should read "President Goodhair." On the nose would be Jesus backed by the image of an angry and vengeful God, which would intimidate the hell out of the cars with "librul" bumper stickers the bus would tailgate. Emblazoned on the sides would be the passage from the U.S. Constitution which declares Medicare & Social Security unconstitutional, follwed by a tableau in which soldiers dressed in tricorn hats flying the Gadsden Flag and the flags of Texas and the Confederate States of America are seen firing muzzle-loading cannons at the White House, over which can be seen a flag with the Obama campaign logo flying above the flags of the old Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and Kenya. To further get the point across, the White House would be painted black, and would have a watermelon patch in front of it. Of course the death row inmate "kill marks" under the front windows. And on the back,  I like blue aardvark's Cistine Chapel revamp.

    I vote we run Rick Scott out of Florida on a high-speed rail.

    by ObamOcala on Sat Aug 13, 2011 at 04:21:13 PM PDT

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