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View Diary: Bachmann wants to cut Social Security, Medicare now (85 comments)

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    Cynic in seattle

    We laugh and jeer at the crazy in the circus tent of the GOP now; but frankly speaking around with those individuals who tended to vote Republican in past elections and who now seem very dissatisfied with the party's sudden lurch into the extremist movement of the Tea Party embrace... I don't get the sane response of 'well we will vote for Obama over blah blah...crazy train.'  I get "well, if that's what the Republican party has to offer... I'll vote for them.  Because really I can't vote Democrat.'

    Those that vote traditionally for one Party, tend to do so no matter what is going on in the country - maybe the exception to that rule was the 2008 elections.  So its disheartening that the saying is true, we get the leaders we deserve - especially when the voters vote in one bracket... and no matter how much we think Obama will have an easy time overcoming someone of Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, or Rick Perry's craziness - most of the individuals out there today will 'reluctantly' vote Republican because they believe the things that are constantly played on Fox, written in the Washington Post, etc and in the 'right now' it seems to be 'everyman for himself' type of situation.  So, like has constantly been replayed in the past, voters will vote against their interests.  And Republicans tend to vote Republican.  So don't think the 'game is won' - I'm afraid we just may have to live in an American society that resembles the blighted future that these characters in the GOP's camp promise to bring.

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