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View Diary: Not for the first time, I am really ashamed of my country (262 comments)

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  •  We both live in the DC area--I see something else (0+ / 0-)

    The Washington DC area, particularly starting with the FDR era was always a magnet for people who wanted to not only make this country better but the world better as well. But, particularly at this time, that desire to do good is the conscious motivation but people tend to often be dominated by unconscious motivations that often, through a series of small steps, cause them to end on the dark side--while telling themselves that they are doing the "right thing."

    Norman Mailer, when asked about his great book on Gary Gilmore, commented that what struck him the most is that all the sides he talked to in the affair, including Gilmore, felt they were acting for the best not just for themselves but for others. Americans, Mailer seemed to say, always have good intentions yet, if you look at American history we don't come out looking so hot, i.e., we aren't really better or worse than other civilizations/empires. So many people who come to this town may not appear to have wonderful and positive agendas but, when you look deeper, you see something different.

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