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  •  My nieces have been hinting at a dog for me...... (16+ / 0-)

    I do love dogs, they are great companions.  However, they cost money, lots of it and I'm not working.

    •  Dogs cost money- that IS MFP oddly enough. We (14+ / 0-)

      have three. Yesterday I noticed the oldest one, (she's between 18-21 believe it or not) walking all hunched up. She paced all over like she had to poop which she has never done inside, ever. Something wasn't right. I took her out and she acted like she had to go but just kept walking around all hunched up. Went on for awhile so I looked up her symptoms and here one stating that it could be a a total blockage in which case is often fatal and fairly rapidly. Called the vet, named off a few possibilities, none of which were good. It's Friday, they aren't open on weekends so I took whatever the soonest appointment I could get, 1:20. That screwed up my entire day so I called off work, which was good because upon exam they needed to keep her awhile and told me to come back at 4:30.
          Two days prior my work truck was severely damaged from a burglary of it that cost me most of my work tools. The day after that my old beater I use as emergency back up blew the water pump I had just put on a few months ago (AutoZone can kiss my ass).
          And now this.
          A day out of work and some crazy ass vet bill to top it all off.
          Well, they did urine tests, blood test, x-ray, had to sedate her, ect.
          Know what it turned out to be?
          Get ready for it...
          Seriously, they also ended up giving her a damn enema- I kid you not. She is fine and has been since.
          $246 I didn't have and loss of a days work because my dog was full of shit.
           I could have told the vet that, I have been aware of that fact since the day I got her...
           Glad she is okay though, she has always been in really good health and I thought this was the beginning of the end.
           Damn, what a week.

      Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are.

      by teabaggerssuckbalz on Sat Aug 13, 2011 at 06:40:19 PM PDT

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