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    I like the man a lot for his character, personality, and so on.  He's neither an ideologue nor a pragmatist but someone who seems to think everything through in a rational way: more like an engineer or scientist, all good traits despite the need for someone with a warrior streak to deal with the GOP.    

    I strongly appreciate what he's done for civil rights particularly gay rights, I'm thankful that he took the risk to get Bin Laden in Pakistan, and I enormously appreciate his emphasis on science and rationalism and his willingness to engage on climate change.  

    I have serious criticism of his financial policies and lack of prosecution of financial criminals, and the inclusion of the "individual mandate" in HCR (which will hopefully be overturned, leading directly to the public option).  

    Seems to me that's a rational combination of attitudes about a president, and about this president in particular.  

    As for the "fan" stuff, I see that as related to the fact that a US president is also a symbolic representative of our culture to ourselves and the world: similar in that regard to the archetypal version of the King or Queen of England.  We all went through the embarrassments of seeing our nation represented by Bush II, and now we have someone we can for the most part be proud of.  That change in emotional tone is an understandable cause of some of the emotional responses we see here and elsewhere.  

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      without worshiping someone.  being a fan requires adoration and i think that adoring someone in power is always dangerous.  

      I'm reading this book called The Swedish Social Democrats. Written by Herbert Tingsten in 1941 and finally published in English in 1973, a year before I was born. I love finding these jewels in my local used bookstore.

      by Anton Bursch on Sat Aug 13, 2011 at 09:47:04 PM PDT

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