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  •  The reality is quite a bit more complicated (2+ / 0-)
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    Sylv, Anton Bursch

    than that. Is there anything the Obama administration has done that you supported? If so, and you withdraw your total support from the Administration because of the stuff you don't agree with, you risk getting a Republican next time. Good luck with President Perry doing anything you like; it won't happen.

    No president in my lifetime has ever done everything I agreed with. They all disappoint you. And no president in my lifetime has ever been dealt the range of difficult issues to deal with as this one, including the intractable Congress (including Democrats in it!) as this one.

    I am very disappointed that Gitmo remains unclosed, but a Democratic Congress put the President in a box on that one. I'm disappointed that he hasn't thought of a way out of that box, but since I can't think of a practical or legal way out of it, either, I stop short of condemning him for that.

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