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  •  I was going to give you a hide because of racist (1+ / 0-)
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    content. I am considered an older (58) white male and I have absolutely no problem with a black man, asian, woman, white etc. as president as long as they are doing what's best in my eyes for the nation. If they aren't doing what I think is best for the country, it's my DUTY to say and do something about it. Frankly, I wish Al Sharpton were electable because he'd not capitulate without a fight like Mr. Obama did. He's one of the alternatives to Mr. Obama (Elizabeth Warren and Donna Edwards are two others) I'd consider caucusing for this coming spring.

    Your claim essentially dismisses any criticism of the president by white people on the basis of their sex and race. That, my friend IS racism. Though it's true that there are white males that think like you describe, I guarantee there are many like myself who do not.

    •  Error in argument: I am soooo tired of people (0+ / 0-)

      who think that because THEY are not racist, their "goodness" magically wipes out the racism. It's a philosophical fallacy (very popular with Americans) to say that the exception negates the rule. This is about male on male aggression - a fight for power. Obama's mixed race is the trigger. It's not about YOU; it's about ruling males - which you are not. By the way, I'm an old white female - and I would not make the mistake of claiming there are no old white female Fundamentalist Christians on the basis that I am a Bhuddist. Also - another glaring PC error: talking about our race problem is NOT RACIST. Race prejudice did not magically go away with the slaughter of the Civil War, the granting of voting rights, or civil rights legislation. It's something women and minorities fight for every day. To forbid bringing 'it' up is directed at keeping those individuals who ARE oppressed from gaining their rights.

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