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  •  Too bad the ACA was not in your view (2+ / 0-)
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    freeport beach PA, Susan from 29

    I, too, have a friend who has been batterling cancer now for over four years.

    Her biggest fear, what kept her up at night, was being dropped by the crappy insurance she had.

    Luckily for her, part of the law forbidding companies from dropping people went into effect.

    She now fights for people to understand that despite the misgivings of Obamacare, it has helped.

    Without him and Dems in Congress, this, too will be destroyed by the Republicans.

    Lots of us are suffering. But we must understand that nothing is ever perfect in politics; we never get all we want, but let's admit that despite what we read on Kos, our Democratic president is trying to help. He needs a Congress that does not block everything he wants.

    If we give up now, we do exactly what Rove and his ilk have planned to happen.

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