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  •  This is what I have seen (6+ / 0-)

    Tell her I know and I care and to not let the system get her. She needs to get strong and shout her story everywhere.  She can make a difference. I have yet to figure out why this program refuses to help people like her and return them to the work force. It seems we are but numbers to them. We no longer have faces in this country. One reason I have always been a democrat is because I have always felt they are the party of caring. Now we see it leaning right. Is it past time to take this party back?  What does it mean to be a democrat today? Like many I ask, what is a Blue dog? I really feel they are just a way of stopping progress in this party.

    •  I despair for her. (6+ / 0-)

      I'm an escapee from rural poverty myself and most of my siblings/cousins never had a chance to get out. I keep in touch partly so I can talk politics with some of them-- try to influence them away from the RW radio that informs their political awareness.

      It's really hard to convince any of them that they should bother registering and voting for Democrats when Democrats aren't doing anything to make life demonstrably better for them. It's hard to argue "we need better government, not less government" when the cousins are pooling their automotive resources and figuring out who's going to stay with which homebound disabled elder so some of them can make the drive over to the hospital to check on the one in ICU.

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