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  •  Great diary. I add (2+ / 0-)
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    bsmechanic, AnnCetera

    and I'm afraid it might be too nuanced, but some wise person said that when there's too much government it's communism and when there's too much corporation it's fascism and it's our job to steer a middle course. This was FDR's brilliance when the polar opposites were on the march in the 1930s and the USA might have gone to either extreme.

    Here's a link to an article that provides something similar to this diary.....analysis of what Republicans really mean:

    It Ain't Called Disaster Capitalism for Nothing!

    It's worth reading the whole article.

    Meanwhile, please can we not just preach to the converted but also turn our diaries and comments into K.I.S.S. Action material ..........Take it to the next level?

    Otherwise I feel like we're rearranging the proverbial deckchairs. Nice arrangements, though!

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