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  •  "Assholes like the Koch Bros" (15+ / 0-)

    ARE corporate interests. Calling them "special interest" doesn't change that. Please do some research on the Koch Bros.

    And the problem with labeling everything as "special interests" (which the corporate media already does) is that it leads to rampant false equivalencies between multi-million dollar (and billion dollar) corporate lobbying interests and interests groups that don't have any where near that kind of lobbying power.  And that's the kind of "reporting" where reporters don't actually have to report the facts of any damn thing.

    •  But more to your point - (5+ / 0-)

      I strongly disagree that naming the CEO's of corporations is the way to go. It only "personifies" corporations more, and we're already up against the wall with corporations being legally declared "people" - with all the rights but none of the responsibilities of real people.

      If you think it's better to be specific, then the way to go is to give the names of specific corporations whenever possible: British Petroleum, Exxon, General Electric, etc. Calling them by the names of their CEO's will have opposite the desired effect. Then it looks like we're just bashing a successful entrepreneur, and that simply gets labeled "class warfare" by the corporate (General Electric) media.

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