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  •  the person is just really angry (2+ / 0-)
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    ohmyheck, Plantsmantx

    about comments in their rec listed diary...I forgive her/him because people sometimes get really mad on the internet and just push "publish" without really thinking it through.  

    •  Actually, I am a "her" and I did think it (11+ / 0-)

      it through.

      The way you feel reading this? That is how I feel reading much of the "analysis" from the mostly white folk around here telling me what I am allowed to think.

      Now when I tell ya'll, its offensive.


      •  well, it's a weakly argued diary, in (5+ / 0-)

        any case. I was not thinking of it as really offensive, as much as hastily and weakly put together...that's what I meant by "pushing publish" without thinking...

      •  Offensive (4+ / 0-)

        yet you engage in exactly the same thing!

        Intelligent, passionate, perceptive people will always disagree, but we should not let that disagreement, however heartfelt, lead us to become deaf to those better angels of our nature.

        by Mindful Nature on Mon Aug 15, 2011 at 06:07:26 PM PDT

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      •  When we critiicise the POTUS (6+ / 0-)

        It is about policy not about the pigmentation of his skin.. I think everyone who voted for him did not care about his skin... I did not I could have cared less I voted for a Democrat  of which I feel he has failed to live up to that label on a policy level This is my opinion and I will not change it till the policies change. He has so disappointed me I cried. Now does it make me a racist? Does it make me the center of the world no. But what it does say is that I care about him and his Presidency so much it pains me to see what he does and does  not do. I will not list the myriad of disappointment I have the sadness I have and the damage he as contributed too.. and guess what I did it too.. I trusted, I had hope and it was dashed on the rocks of his decisions, the people he surrounded himself wiht and the polices he has chosen. He had ways out of all of htem like keeping his word on Guantanamo.. on and on.. I love him as a person but will not vote for him because of his policies. I will choose to lose by writing in Sanders. And I do not care that he is an old white guy or a socialist or any other name people can call him.. he is no different than Obama.. a Man who makes good and bad decisions I just think Obama did not keep his part of the bargain and am hopeful more hopeful Sanders would. Even if he is not running. Any time you see these criticisms try to see why we people who do not like Obama polices see.. Its not  an African American. I did not vote for him because of that.. did not care still don't.. I love  every race culture and human on this planet I just hate ignorance and mean spirited under-evolved people.. I love compassion and compassion does not mean drones, wars, rendition, holding people in jail without charge , not keeping your promises.. etc.. I love Obama but not what he has done and not done.. its not just a mixed bag for me.. and I understand he has had a hard time cause of the other ideology and I feel for him. But many times he has chosen to give up to them and then allow his spokespeople to belittle the left who love him.. The picture he painted for me and the narritive he gave me drove a dagger in my heart of hope.. I remember this and believed in it.. I still am  sad..

        I cry... Why did he and waht he promised change.. why ...

        "Proud member of the Socialist Party USA so I do not have to eat Satan sandwiches or wraps."

        by hangingchad on Mon Aug 15, 2011 at 07:27:59 PM PDT

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        •  The Harry Shearer version (4+ / 0-)

          Member of the Emmanuel Goldstein wing of the Democratic Party. More used to the two-minute hate than he cares to admit.

          by Superskepticalman on Mon Aug 15, 2011 at 07:43:14 PM PDT

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        •  Again I ask, who called you a racist? nt (0+ / 0-)
          •  You really want me to go back to every diary that (3+ / 0-)

            uses race as an excuse to attempt to marginalize the opinion us "white progressives" have on the POTUS.. Isn't this what some of these pie fights seem to be about these days? I do not think it is kind to stereotype any person or racial group.  on the basis of their using and term  "white progressive  and linking that to criticizers of Obama is just what your asking me to tell you. It is calling me racist to say that I am making my judgments based on the delineation of my race to another. That is sad.

            "Proud member of the Socialist Party USA so I do not have to eat Satan sandwiches or wraps."

            by hangingchad on Mon Aug 15, 2011 at 08:22:49 PM PDT

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            •  Okay, well you are talking to ME not (2+ / 0-)
              Recommended by:
              second gen, Imhotepsings

              someone else who wrote some other diary . . . I am not interchangeable with any old random sombody else, mmmmkay?

              I did not say anything that you are saying I said, so if you are lumping me in with some other folks, then that is pretty sad.

              How about address what I did say, not what you think I meant, because I assure you, I know how to type "racist" if that is what I want to say.

              •  I may have been on the worng thread. (0+ / 0-)

                It gets confusing sometimes.

                "Proud member of the Socialist Party USA so I do not have to eat Satan sandwiches or wraps."

                by hangingchad on Mon Aug 15, 2011 at 09:13:47 PM PDT

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              •  Implication (2+ / 0-)
                Recommended by:
                Plantsmantx, hangingchad

                Most of us know how to avoid direct implications that would get us tossed out of threads - hence, there are words we do not use.  OK - just cause the word "racist" does not appear, does not mean it is not perceived as such.  Intentionally, or not, when color is brought up for a reason to not support a candidate, that would indicate (as was much better stated previously by hangingchad,)a "pigmentation" issue. Maybe you were not clear in what you meant - we are (I am) not mind readers.  But - we also are darn good at reading between the lines.  I will not be pushed into arguing for or against a candidate based on - "pigmentation." I will argue merits that are of importance to me and the causes I support.  I will not support anyone because they are the first or the last of something.  And, sadly, people are "lumped."  It is not fair - but Utopia is still in the making. And - I trust this will not surprise you, but you are not the first person to claim that progressives  won't give the first __ President a fair chance.  It truly is not a new insight. Hence, the response.  And, now I really, really need to move on.  Those who choose to support a candidate based on "first of a specific pigmentation" have every individual right to do so.  That is not how I operate.  I would like to believe that this refusal to support a candidate based on pigmentation, height, physical attractiveness, or body fat ratio, would be considered a positive. I do not know how to make my points clearer - if offense is taken, none is intended. I will not, however,  be chastised for my criticism of broken campaign promises and glaringly weak negotiation skills.  I was absolutely awed by the "Fierce urgency of now."  I guess it depends on your interpretation of fierce, urgency and now.  Those words are not pigment specific.

                •  I am not asking for you to support the President (0+ / 0-)

                  based on his skin or any other reason.

                  I am asking white progressives to quit sh!tting all over him and me with non-reality based "critiques".

                  Pretty simple.

                  •  On what basis are the critiques "non-reality (3+ / 0-)

                    based"? Given the title of your diary is it any stretch to assume that you think that it is somehow to do with people being "white"?

                    I am asking white progressives to quit sh!tting all over him and me with non-reality based "critiques".

                    Pretty simple.

                    Yes it is.

                    "How do you get everything you want in life? Want less." Uncle Bob

                    by 2dimeshift on Tue Aug 16, 2011 at 08:26:54 AM PDT

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                    •  It is non-reality based to blame the President (3+ / 1-)
                      Recommended by:
                      Great Lakes Liberal, taylormattd, oysterface
                      Hidden by:

                      for not doing something that only Congress can do.

                      It is non-reality based to compare the current President to what you think a dead President would have done in his place.

                      It is non-reality based to expect the President to do stuff that no President ever has done.

                      Pretty basic.

                      •  It's pretty basic when you don't consider (1+ / 0-)
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                        that Nancy Pelosi could move just about anything through the House and that Reid had a supermajority in the Senate and then a sizeable majority later on.

                        Ignoring the political capital that was squandered and complaining that while he had as much or more as any modern President that it wasn't enough is also pretty basic. Basically ignorant.

                        "How do you get everything you want in life? Want less." Uncle Bob

                        by 2dimeshift on Tue Aug 16, 2011 at 10:44:48 AM PDT

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                        •  I was unaware that Barack Obama also went (0+ / 0-)

                          by the name Harry Reid.


                          •  So you're saying that all our problems would (1+ / 0-)
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                            be solved if we had cloned President Obama and he could be leader in the Senate and the Speaker of the House simultaneously?  How innovative.

                            I guess it's too much to ask that he be able to work with Democratic leadership and be able to capitalize on majorities in the House and Senate. With implausible deniability like that it's a wonder that he is not a complete reincarnation of Reagan.

                            "How do you get everything you want in life? Want less." Uncle Bob

                            by 2dimeshift on Tue Aug 16, 2011 at 11:50:10 AM PDT

                            [ Parent ]

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