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  •  This Mainer hopes Pingree stays put (5+ / 0-)

    I'm fortunate to have her as my representative. She's a true progressive who cares about people over interests.

    The 1st District would actually become more blue under the Republican plan by virtue of adding Lewiston, one of the most solidly liberal communities in the state. If Pingree were to continue to represent the 1st District, she would never lose here.

    The real point of the map is to try and force out Mike Michaud in the 2nd District, as well as possibly take an electoral vote away from Obama next year (Maine is one of two states that can split electoral votes). To those kossacks who don't know Michaud, he's a Blue Dog Dem who is pro-life (NOTE: He did vote for the Affordable Care Act). He's also a prototypical blue collar guy; he spent more than 20 years as a millworker in Millinocket before running for Congress. He is also vehemently anti-free trade and has railed against NAFTA his entire career.

    Anyway, the 2nd District just became a little tougher for Michaud because it will now include the Midcoast should the GOP plan be adopted. As long as Lewiston/Auburn was in the district, Michaud never faced a serious challenge, not even last year. But the folks on the Midcoast are much more, um, restive than most of the rest of the state. In addition to disenfranchised millworkers whose jobs were sent to China, Michaud will now also have to deal with struggling lobstermen and fishermen who are far more likely to vote Republican.

    Mike Michaud may face his toughest challenge yet in 2012.

    I'm a Mainer, and I WANT MY STATE BACK!!!

    by The Truth Shall Set Ye Free on Tue Aug 16, 2011 at 08:05:44 AM PDT

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