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  •  I suggest we publicly beat Rick Perry (3+ / 0-)
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    every time he makes an idiotic statement. Did I go too far?

    Seriously, this is one of the headlines at Political Wire: "Did Perry Go Too Far?" I know it's pointless to complain about this, but man oh man, it's unfair.  Had a Democrat suggested that the Chairman of the Federal Reserve be roughed up, even in a joking way, Fox News, and probably CNBC, would be shitting themselves in anger. The fake pearl clutching would be epic; there might even be calls for him to resign or drop out of the race he was in. If anyone thinks this will happen to Perry, there's a bridge I'd like to sell you.

    On another note, Karl Rove says that Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, and everyone's favorite dud, Sarah Palin, may jump into the race. I'm not at all worried about any one of them, so by itself, someone like Rove mentioning this makes me roll my eyes. But when you consider the fact that seemingly attractive candidates like John Thune, Mike Huckabee, and Mitch Daniels have all passed on the race; that it took Rick Perry a long time to jump into the race; and that we're heading into the fall of 2011, with just a few months to go before the first primaries, with the Republicans STILL unhappy about their candidates, I can't help but smile. Obama does have serious vulnerabilities, perhaps many more than other candidates, but they can't beat somebody with nobody. The fact that they are so unenthusiastic about anyone who is already in this race is definitely a good sign for our side.

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