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  •  Paul Ryan Might Be Serious About Presidential Run (1+ / 0-)
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    According to this, Paul Ryan has been taking the possibility of a presidential run seriously. I'm not sure exactly how good his odds of getting the nomination are, but they have to be at least as good as anyone else's chances. And while the press seems to treat him as a threat to Obama, I continue to believe he'll be steamrolled if he runs. His wonkery and alleged intellectual skill are dramatically overrated; I've seen nothing special as far as charisma and speaking skills; and as the public face of the Ryan plan, he makes it considerably easier for Democrats to attack the plan and those who support it. That last bit cannot be overstated; it's one thing to try to tie Rick Perry or Mitt Romney to the Ryan plan, but it's another to have the face himself as the candidate. It'll give House Democrats in every district an easy talking point and could make a crucial difference in a lot of close Senate races, too.

    •  I think he'd crash in the primaries (0+ / 0-)

      A lot of these people who get hyped and wooed, they're wooed by establishment types and monied interests, without regard to actual appeal to a broad range of GOP voters.

      I don't see Ryan getting any traction in the primaries.  His budget makes him someone Republicans like, yes, but that doesn't automatically translate to wanting him to be President.  There are lots of Democrats I like who I would not choose for President in a primary.  And starting so late, he'd just get crushed.

      I agree with you 100% that Obama would steamroll him.  Even with 45% job approval, Obama likely wins by a bigger margin than he beat McCain.  Ryan's vision is not what most Americans want generally, and they're sure as hell not going to give it a mandate.

      All this is aside from the fact that he's terrible on TV, not ready for prime time, and would struggle badly as a Presidential candidate on a lot of levels.

      43, male, Indian-American, married and proud father of a girl and a boy, Democrat, VA-10

      by DCCyclone on Tue Aug 16, 2011 at 08:46:57 PM PDT

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