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    I produced the web site for the first Toy Story film and did all of Disney's feature film web sites for years, for films like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. A dozen years before that, I worked on the first TRON and wrote the book The Art of TRON. Today, I am helping a number of large organizations with social media and other online and mobile projects. My wife is one of the country's leading scholars on multimedia literacy. See, please don't denigrate me when it comes to understanding the metaverse, (un)WisePiper. I was, professionally speaking, born there, and know my way around it. For you to characterize my world as horse and buggy is just more proof that you critique people without having adequate information about them.

    Face to face communication is more productive than virtual communication. Griping and groaning in person is far more effective than griping and groaning at a screen. Do you dispute that? Or do you need the neuroscience to back it up? Because it's out there...

    As for Al Gore, I worked on his and Kevin Wall's Live Earth concerts for the environment in 2006-7, so I've got plenty of my own Al Gore sarcasm and don't need yours, thanks anyway.

    And as to your riddle, my answer is: You tell me, and then neither of us will know ; )

    •  Look, it's late, and I'm heading to bed. (4+ / 0-)

      I will merely posit that there is intrinsic value in both meta and micro communications. None of us "barkers" imagine for one moment that the President himself is reading, let alone likely to be influenced by, our typed criticisms here. What we DO hope is that narratives born here in the blogosphere will gain purchase among the larger population, which then will result in more broadly voiced demands that ultimately WILL be heard within the D.C. bubble.

      But, you know that.

      Riddle me this: WHAT exactly would Obama lose if he were to forcefully and consistently advocate Keynesian solutions, REGARDLESS of the current impossibility of achieving Keynesian legislation?

      by WisePiper on Fri Sep 02, 2011 at 12:43:15 AM PDT

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    •  Well you sure are rude and self-important (0+ / 0-)

      I found your diary rather interesting, but I don't think I'll become a follower.

      Solely griping on-line probably isn't terribly productive. On the other hand, exchanging information and hammering out policy arguments provides many of us here with a solid foundation to go out into the world and be effective in those one on one interactions.

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