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    Mr Obama's rating might be at the lowest he has seen, but most Presidents see far worse ratings at some time during their term.  

    Now let's look at some more context.

    We already know the GOP/Tea Partiers made the decision to oppose Mr Obama from Day One, regardless of what Mr Obama actually did.

    We also know there are millions of Americans who will never approve of Mr Obama simply because of his skin.

    These two demographics amount to probably 20% to 35% of the nation.  These people will never approve of Mr Obama.

    Unemployment is also a issue like it never has been since Dec 7th 1941.

    Despite this unemployment, and despite the large block of permanent anti-Obama voters, his disapproval is only 40%.

    Eliminate the 20% who are hard-core bigots/Obama haters, and we see something quite remarkable. Only one reasonable person out of every four disapproves of Mr Obama's job.  This despite unemployment levels that are ordinarily fatal to sitting Presidents.

    The bigots and haters were overcome in 2008.  I am fully confident that 14 months from now, they will be overcome once again.  Mr Obama's unexpectedly high approval ratings support that sense of confidence.

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