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  •  Actually, slavery, at least in ancient (1+ / 0-)
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    Neon Mama

    times, was a mixture of craft work (carpenters, tanners, maybe household servants including their version of accountants) and hard labor (building the pyramids).
    This is also somewhat true of slavery in the Americas, though America used a lot more field hands because  industrializatoin for the mass manufacturing needed large numbers of field workers.  However, a number of the slaves that were not field hands had craft skills.  so often our books stereotype slaves as a general sort of
    subhuman category instead of bonded human beings working doing all the work necessary on plantations.

    Anyway, whether in Egypt or America plenty of the brutality we associate with slavery was true. In Egypt, so
    the story goes,  Moses was raised in the palace as Pharoah's adopted son - didn't know he was jewish.  One day as a young adult, he saw one of the slavedrivers whipping on of the workers and Moses smote him and killed him.  He ran away into the desert(to the land and people who are now the Palestinians) so he wouldn't get in trouble where he went on a self-discovery journey and discovered his jewish roots. Then he returned to Egypt to help his people escape.  Much more.  I will send you a copy of the Liberation Seder I use if you send me an e-mail address.

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