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View Diary: Criminal FFL Gun Dealer's Trial Delayed Again (29 comments)

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    From the Indiana Gun Owners Forum:

    I hope you will all keep a few things in mind. First of all I do not know this shop owner, nor have I ever been to his shop.

    The vast majority of the counts against him are paperwork errors. Missing dates or check boxes. In my experience one in ten customers fill out the 4473 form 100% correctly. They put their date of birth for today's day, etc. Many times when I TRY to give specific instructions on how to fill the form out properly I am met with "yeah, yeah yeah, I've done this a thousand times before." I do not recall anyone who ever made comments like that actually filling out the form correctly!

    I hope you all realize that while it is the dealer's responsibility to ensure the form is filled out correctly, every time you fill out a form ANY mistake you make that is not caught by the dealer is considered an EGREGIOUS and WILLFUL PAPERWORK VIOLATION as it says in the complaint. There is no such thing as a mistake.

    So please.... when you fill out the form, LISTEN to the instructions given by the dealer. How many of you have read the PAGES of instructions attached to the 4473? Next time you are in a shop, ask if you can have a form or a copy of the instructions. READ THEM. And please... when you fill out the form, SLOW DOWN!

    Criminal complaints are often filled with every little petty violation they can pile on to make the complaint as inflammatory as possible to ensure they "get" you on something, or to make it so impossible for you to defend against that you will take a plea bargain.

    The vast majority of you have NO IDEA what the paperwork requirements are for dealers. I rolled my eyes at a recent post on another thread that said "Dealers love transfers because they are easy money." NO THEY ARE NOT! I have to chase your gun down, then sit on it until you decide to come and get it, and ANY mistake or error on the 4473 or the bound book entries could mean my license. That's why we went up to $35. We won't take transfers from individuals anymore because they cheat on the shipping and UPS leaves your gun on my doorstep for anyone to steal! (they have no idea what's inside if it's not declared!) I even get LICENSED DEALERS that do the same thing. One more time and the fee goes up to $50!

    All I am saying is that there is more to it than meets the eye. Let's see what the facts are in this case before we judge him.

    The majority of other commenters accuse the ATF of dirty dealings and there are a few comments that the 2A protects his "right" to sell guns as he wants.

    Here's a blog ( that intimates the ATF framed the guy.  Note the comments that accuse the ATF of being Nazis.

    If you visit most any gun blog or forum, it's not all difficult to find NRA/RKBA folks defending this FFL.

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