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View Diary: Rick Perry's Texas 'miracle' is built on minimum wage jobs (75 comments)

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    People have been professionally spun for so long long now they try to imitate the spin doctors when they try and make a point. I wish they would just try to be clear. The jobs issue should be easy. I like to imagine that I am talking to my dad. ...Dad, there are only two sectors that can create new jobs, the public sector and the private sector.  The public sector is the government and the private sector is the corporations. The private sector is almost completely populated by republicans. The public sector can't create jobs right now because the republicans hate the government and half of the democrats are afraid to fight them. The republicans are also purposely try to keep unemployment high to make Obama look bad. When they accuse Obama of failing to create jobs they are blaming him for something they are blocking him from doing. The private sector is sitting on 2 trillion in cash and they refuse to hire anybody until Obama is gone. The public sector can't create jobs because they fear that the republicans have convinced the voters that government intervention is bad even though we are in a recession and that is exactly what we should be doing. Remember the depression? You run a deficit to get out of a recession and you pay it off in good times. The reason they are doing the opposite right now is because they think the republican spin machine has you fooled. Write congress and tell them that it didn't work on you. Tell the government to create jobs.

    Firewall Economics doesn't cut the legs off of capitalism. it only clips it's toenails.

    by jdp55 on Tue Aug 16, 2011 at 11:27:45 AM PDT

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